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Essential Diets also provides recommendations for supplements that can be included in your diet plan. We would have hoped with optimal nutrition that our nutrient needs should be satisfied, but due to foods now being sourced from intensive and over fertilized farming techniques combined with over processing, foods do not have the same nutritional value and quite often are mineral and vitamin deficient.


In addition, current foods are over sterilized due to pasteurizing and the widespread use of antibiotics that have an adverse affect on our beneficial gut bacterial content. Supplements are therefore sometimes necessary to compensate for these practices and the resulting nutritional deficiencies.


The supplements provided in the program are sourced from Practitioner Only Products that can only be provided via consultation with either a medical or naturopathic practitioner.


They include such well-known brands as Metagenics, Bioconcepts, Nutrition Care, Orthoplex, MediHerb and others.


These brands have had a long association with Natural Therapy Practitioners because they are known to meet stringent quality standards during production and regularly provide educational seminars on the latest nutritional research.


The Supplements recommended can be purchased at:


Mornington Coastal Medical Centre

958 Nepean Hwy. Mornington

Tel 5976366


Supplements may also be purchased via our online Practioner Supplements program if you would like these products delivered directly to your home. Please send a message via our contact page if you would like more details about how to register for this service.

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