Artificial Sweetners don't make you lose weight.

A review published in the Yale Journal Of Biology and Medicine in 2010 cited several large studies that indicated the use of artificial sweeteners failed to show benefits in weight loss. The studies included The Antonio Heart Study which studied 3,682 adults over a 7 to 8 year period in the 1980’s and The American Cancer Society study from the 1980’s which included 78,694 women and the Nurses’ Health Study in the 1970’s consisting of the health habits of 31,940 women. Experiments have shown that artificial sweeteners, despite their low calorie content can enhance appetite because the body has been primed by the sweeteners to receive a calorie load and is not content until they are consumed. Addictive behaviour for sugar consumption, that can occur after long-term diets containing sugar, can continue with artificial sweeteners with the metabolic consequences, such as the release of the weight controlling hormones leptin and insulin, unchanged. The commonest sweeteners used are aspartame, saccharin and sucralose, which are contained in many common low calorie soft drinks used widely by dieters.

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