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Low Oxalate Diet

Low Oxalate Diet


The Low Oxalate Diet is low in Oxalates which is an organic acid found in many common foods.


The diet was primarily designed to reduce the incidence of kidney stones when the oxalates bind to calcium and form insoluble crystals.


But these crystals can also be deposited in other tissues such as bones, joints, blood vessels, bone marrow, lungs, and even the brain and causing local damage.


Oxalate crystals in the bone marrow cells may lead to anaemia. Other problems linked to high oxalates are autism, fibromyalgia and vulval pain in women.

To Order This Diet, you can go directly to Contact and simply request it. If you want it more personalised then fill out the questionnaire. It will be sent to your email address within a few days and accessible via your smartphone, tablet or computer.Cost is A$55 via the paypal button.

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