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Body Ecology Diet

Body Ecology Diet


The Body Ecology Diet is fundamentally a “Detox” diet.  This diet is designed to detoxify the body and particularly the liver to improve general well being by eliminating built up toxins and giving the liver a well-earned rest.


This diet restricts processed meats, dairy, gluten foods, sugars, tomatoes, corn, nightshade foods, alcohol, caffeine, soy products, peanuts, processed fruits and vegetables and any foods to which you are known to be allergic.


It includes land and sea vegetables, organic animal proteins, gluten free grains, fermented foods, low GI fruits, vegetable and fruit juices/smoothies and herbal teas.


To Order This Diet, you can go directly to Contact and simply request it. If you want it more personalised then fill out the questionnaire. It will be sent to your email address within a few days and accessible via your smartphone, tablet or computer.Cost is A$55 via the paypal button.


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